An Introduction to Trigonometry - Maria Oesterreich Allen

An Introduction to Trigonometry

By Maria Oesterreich Allen

  • Release Date: 2015-11-08
  • Genre: Mathematics
Score: 5
From 7 Ratings


This book presents and introduction to trigonometry using only degrees.  It will be helpful for a student or class needing a gentle start to the subject or one trying to get a preview of trigonometry before studying it in radian measure.  Topics include the basics of how to evaluate and graph trigonometric functions, proving identities, solving equations, and solving triangle problems.

The book provides standard textbook features such as worked examples, problems sets with answers, review sections, and a glossary.  The text also takes advantage of the iBook format with video tutorials, hints, and quizzes.

While designed to support work in an Algebra 2 and Trigonometry course, this book has also been used by students learning on their own for enrichment or acceleration.


  • Fabulous!

    By kab419
    I never thought I would use fabulous to describe a trigonometry resource, but it is such a user friendly book. There’s a logical progression to the units presented, and the problems presented at the end of each section are quite comprehensive. I used this book with my 10th grade Algebra 2 class, and it was so refreshing to present a unit to the class that didn’t require as many outside resources and supplementary materials as I typically use with other units. Instead, I could spend the time I would typically spend coming up with problem sets and so on coming up with activities and applications of trig to further reinforce their learning. Using this book, I found that my class was able to move through the trig unit in a more efficient & speedy manner than otherwise. I’ll be using the book again!
  • Great resource

    By MathTutor567
    This book is a great resource for students as they are being introduced to trigonometry. The design of the book is well-suited for students to explore on their own, and lends itself equally well to guided sessions. The examples are quite clear, and the problems implement the material well.
  • Great For any Trigonometry Class!

    By SoontobeMrsG410
    This book is great for any school like mine, where we carve out the last 3 months of precalculus to study trigonometry. It’s got functions and modeling, which is perfect for the classes that go deeper. The interactive aspect is great as it allows the modern student to really engage with the material.
  • Math teacher

    By Lilzdad
    It’s so straightforward and easy to use. Goodbye Radians (good riddance) and hello degrees!